At Jay Vadher & Co. Solicitors, our fees are transparent and easy to understand. In most of the straight forward cases we are able to agree on a fixed fee agreement. However; our fees are primarily calculated on an hourly rate, which is set according to our fee earners’ knowledge and expertise. Please refer to our fee earning categories.

Our current hourly rates range from £100.00 to £350.00, but we are happy to discuss our fees directly with you to give approximate costs based on your individual circumstances, taking into account the complexity of your case as well as the level of service you require.

For your ease of reference we have set out some conventional application fees that we normally undertake. Our fees range only deal with the office based work and exclude in person attendance at the home office or any interview. Should you require any additional services, we are happy to discuss and quote our additional fees. This fee covers submitting your application to the Home Office for consideration and not additional work.

In addition this fee also does not cover any other disbursements. Disbursements generally include expenses such as Home Office fees, Court fees, Land Registry Fees, Search fees, HMRC fees, Surveyors fees, Counsel’s fees, travelling expenses that we have to pay on your behalf. Further costs will be incurred in respect of any additional or complex work required and we shall discuss these with you should that situation arise.

We are registered with the VAT and will notify you in advance where VAT is applicable.

In the event of any concern about our fees please refer to our Complaints Procedure.

Fee earner category and applicable rates (subject to change according to yearly reviews):

Partner/Consultant – £350.00

Assistant Solicitor – £200.00

Trainee Solicitor – £100.00

Legal Executive – £100.00

• Please note that the above fees do not include the following disbursements:

  • Court/Tribunal fees
  • Barristers fees
  • Expert fees
  • Search Fees
  • Surveyors Fees
  • Home Office application fees
  • Immigration Health Surcharge
  • Interpreters fees

• Other disbursements and any other third party/external fees

• Fees will also vary if appeal(s)/hearing(s) are heard outside of London.

Our Fees